Gaining Encouragement From The Past! – Deuteronomy 1:1-18

Moses recounts the past as the children of Israel begin the transition from the wilderness to the promised land.

1.  Past Perils – God given victory over enemies.
2.  Past Promise – God given promise of the land.
3.  Past Practice – God given instruction through Moses.

Many times we face transition in life.  Changing schools, moving to a new house or job, having a child, changes in parenting, divorce, death of a family member are all examples of transition in our life.  The God given provisions of the past help us to transition into the future and stay on track spiritually.  Realize that times of transition can be times of temptation to move away from God’s will.  Remember the anchors of the past and reestablish priorities for the future!

Walk with the Lord and gain encouragement from the past!!!

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