This passage reminds me of the song Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord,   Now God said to him:  “I will bring a flood to destroy all flesh.  But with thee, I will establish my covenant.”  Noah’s choice would be, first of all do I believe God?  Can He do it and will He?

Next we find God’s instructions about the ark and the animals.  Then we see that Noah did as God commanded.  Some say there was no rain until the flood, but according to Genesis 2:5 there could have been rain when Adam and Eve were created.The flood came 1600 years after creation.  I want to emphasize the obedience of Noah even in supposed impossibilities. 

In Chapter 7:5 we see Noah’s obedience repeated, doing all that God commanded.  We must remember the entering of the ark was 120 years after God’s decision to destroy mankind.  Second Peter 2:5 calls Noah a preacher of righteousness.  There is a question among men today.  Was this real, or only a symbolic figure?  I will say that if it is not real, we may just have to throw the whole bible away.  If I can’t believe any part of the bible, my faith is useless and possibly have to say I have no faith at all.  How can I be a preacher if I don’t believe every part of the bible\?  One of the greatest things is that Christ, the second person of the Godhead planted His tiny feet in Bethlehem’s manger, lived 33 years, died on the cross for me and then rose again and went back home to Heaven. 

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