Give Praise To God! – Psalm 135:1-12

This Psalm is all about praise.  Praise is acknowledging God for who He is.  Praise is declaring and demonstrating God’s glorious character traits.  The Psalmist teaches us how to praise. 

1.  Praise God’s name – v.1,2,3,5 – Three main names are listed – Jehovah, Elohim, Adonai.      a.  Jehovah – The self existing Holy One who hates sin but who loves sinners and desires to have eternal relationship with them. Jehovah is my Redeemer!                                                     b.  Elohim – The strong one who keeps His word.  His mighty power is bound only by His word. Elohim is my Creator!                                                                                                                     c.  Adonai – The overseer who demands absolute obedience but who makes every provision for obedience and always rewards obedience.  Adonai is my Master!

2.  Praise God’s nature – v.3,5 – The LORD is good and great above all.

3.  Praise God’s notable acts – v.6-21 – There are many demonstrations of God’s goodness and greatness. 

Praise brings God near – He “inhabits” praise.  Praise sends satan far – we are “filled” with God’s blessing and not susceptible to his tempting.

Walk with the Lord and give praise to God!!!

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