Give To God What Belongs To Him! – Mark 12:13-27

Jesus reminds all of us to give God His rightful place in our lives. He is the sovereign, supreme ruler of the universe and worthy of all!  Jesus answers two questions and gives this teaching.

1.  Every one of us are debtors. (We all receive benefit from others)

2.  Every one of us are debtors to God. (He is our Creator and Sustainer)

3.  Every one of us are debtors to God in this life. (He is God of the living)

God is worthy of all!  Three general categories that could represent all:

1. My Soul – worthy of my repentance and faith to trust Christ for salvation.

2. My Sanctification – worthy of my cooperation to grow in grace putting off the old and putting on the new.

3. My Stewardship – worthy of yielding all rights to time, talent, treasure, testimony and treatment and managing them for His glory.  

Walk with the Lord and give to God what belongs to Him!!!

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