God’s Plan Of Salvation! – Romans 10:1-13

Paul shares his heart burden for Israel to be saved.  He gives some reasons why they have missed the way to true righteousness and salvation and then gives the right plan for all to be saved.  The word “confess” means “to agree”.  For a person to be saved they must “confess” or agree with God about Jesus Christ!

1.  Agree that they need Jesus – they are a sinner guilty before God and cannot save themselves.
2.  Agree about who Jesus is – Jesus is God who came in human flesh.
3.  Agree about what Jesus did – Jesus died on the cross as their substitute and paid the full price for their sin.
4.  Agree that Jesus is the only way – Trust in Jesus alone for their salvation.

This salvation is available to ALL!  This wonderful news must be accepted personally and then proclaimed to all the world!

Walk with the Lord and share His plan of salvation!!!

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