Habakkuk 1:12-2:1

What do we do when we are told news we don’t want to hear?  God told Habakkuk that He was going to raise up the Chaldeans to punish His people Israel.  This is what God can do when His people do wickedness.  As we come to verse twelve we discover how Habakkuk feels toward God.  He is from everlasting and may I add to everlasting.  Next he is the Holy One.  Habakkuk appears to be confused and is wondering why God was using a wicked nation to punish His people.  I am afraid God may be doing the same with the United States as well.  We have strayed far from our roots which were founded on Christian principles and seem to be going downhill even faster. 

Habakkuk is invoking the pure eyes of God.  He doesn’t understand why God would use a wicked nation to punish His people.  I also believe as Habakkuk that we don’t fully understand the ways of a Holy God.  The last verse we have here is chapter two verse one.  Habakkuk says:  “I will stand upon my watch…to see what He will say to me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.”  As I look over what is happening in this world, I am amazed that God doesn’t step in and correct some of the evil.  My job is just to wait.

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