Here Comes The Judge! – Romans 2:1-16

The Jews felt that they were privileged and that they had a right to judge others.  In this passage God shows that He is the one, true judge and that all are subject to His judgment. How does God practice judgment?

1.  According to truth – v.2 
2.  According to men’s deeds – v.6
3.  According to men’s hearts – v.16

Men in general and the Jews in particular judge according to biased, self-righteous comparison.  We are quick to see in others the things we are struggling with ourselves.  This is a good way to examine our own hearts – look at the things that others do that irritate us and first judge ourselves. (Matthew 7:1-5)  We also tend to think that knowledge of the law or truth is equal to obeying it. God says this is deceiving. (James 1:22)  We also pride ourselves in not practicing certain sins in action but at the same time we are guilty of the same or worse in our hearts. (Matthew 5:21,27)

God sees and knows and will accurately judge all sin!  All men are sinners!  I need to concentrate on judging myself instead of others so that I will not be judged by God.  Thank God that Jesus was willing to take God’s wrath for my sin!

Walk with the Lord and let Him judge!!!

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