Honor The Lord’s Day! – Exodus 31:12-32:6

Israel was given the Sabbath as a sign between them and God.

1.  Principle – from creation when God rested on the seventh day
2.  Purpose – set apart Israel and her God (Jehovah) from all others
3.  Practice –  stop normal work: give attention to worship, thanksgiving, faith – focus on the person, purpose and program of God rather than on self agenda

Today we follow this principle given at creation by worshiping on the Lord’s day.  A term that John used in the book of Revelation.  We assign this term to Sunday, the first day of the week.  The first day is the day of Christ’s resurrection and the day seen as a pattern for meeting by the early church. I should set apart the Lord’s day as a day of worship.  Sunday should be a special focus on the person, purpose and program of God.  Be care not to make God’s holy day my holiday!

Walk with the Lord and honr

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