Hosea 4:16-5:10

There are some interesting terms used in today’s passage.  Hosea describes Israel as a backsliding heifer.  I wonder what Christ would say today about the Church today (aka: the bride of Christ) and particularly the church in the Western world.  There are many who have given up the true teachings of Christ who says about himself:  “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  (John 14:6) 

Next we find the tribe of Ephraim whose ancestor was Joseph, joined to idols.  This however was the name used for the ten northern tribes of Israel.  In 5:1 the word is written to the priests.  They were the ones responsible for the spiritual quality of Israel.  Because they failed the nation went bad.  Revelation 1:5 calls the church a kingdom of priests.  We are called also to be the salt of the earth.  Has the church made a difference in the US or in the world?  Hosea was not speaking for himself.  As a prophet, he is the mouthpiece of God.  We who are Christians should not just speak for ourselves.  We have this book that contains all of God’s counsels in it.  We must, like Hosea speak it faithfully.

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