I Chronicles 11:1-8

David was anointed king by Samuel many years before.  Yet Saul reigned and for a long time.  David was an outcast because of the jealousy of Saul.  David had two chances to kill Saul, but he wouldn’t because he was the Lord’s anointed.  Finally Saul goes out to battle and is killed.

Now it is time for David (anointed long ago) to be crowned as king. What do I see in this?  Patience always wins out.  I do believe these many years were God’s training ground.  David made many mistakes when he was on the run from Saul.  Those mistakes would later have to be faced.  I am encouraged by this.  In my earlier life, I would also make some that I had to face later on in my life.

Now there was one city left unconquered by Joshua.  It was then called Jebus.  It would later be called Jerusalem.  This special place was to be called Zion, a special place in the heart of God.  It is now called the City of David.  Now David says, “Whoever conquers the rest of the city will be my chief captain.”  Whether it was a mistake on David’s part I cannot say.  Anyway, the man Joab did it.  He was a ruthless man, and twice he would shed innocent blood to retain his position.  As a lesson, I must be careful of my decisions that I make in life.  It could haunt me later.

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