I Chronicles 17:16-27

David was anointed king when the things that Saul did displeased God.  David was the most unlikely of Jesse’s eight sons to be anointed king.  Does God know what He is doing?  He most certainly does!  David’s question, “Who am I?” interests me a lot because of the grace that God has given me.  I don’t serve anything that God has done for me and through me since the time Jesus came into my life.  Paul said “by the grace of God I am what I am.” (I Corinthians 15:10)  Next we see about David that God spoke to him about his house a great way off.  Remember what they called Jesus when they saw Him.  Bartemaus the blind man in Luke 18:37 called out, “Jesus though Son of David have mercy on me.”  This Son of David goes on into eternity.  In Revelation 22:16, Jesus declares “I am the Root and offspring of David.” 

David declares of God, “There is none like thee” and then he goes on to speak of Israel being redeemed out of Egypt.  When I look at the nation Israel today, I am tempted to say, “Why does God take up with Israel today?He has also spoke of Israel a long way off.  Israel will be the chief nation in Christ’s millennial glory.  This is a praise song.  I need to praise God like David has done.  But most of all because of salvation and the New Testament, I know more than David did, and again, why me?  Do I deserve where I am today because of my former life? 

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