I Chronicles 22:1-10

I find these verses to be very interesting.  According to God’s prophet, David was told that he couldn’t build a temple for God to dwell in but his son Solomon would be the one to build it.  David was a man of war.  After this, God would usher in a peaceful reign for Solomon.  This did happen just as God said.  How God did this I find very fascinating, but it happened just as He said through the Prophet.  I would say that David was probably disappointed that he couldn’t build the temple but he goes on to supply the materials in abundance for it anyway.  I think this is great.  I guess one might call that David’s retirement planning! 

To be sure God is sovereign and knows the end from the beginning.  Even though He brought peace and prosperity to Israel in the days of Solomon, was Solomon the son God meant to build the house for Him to dwell in?  I would say no.  I think its meaning is much deeper than a physical dwelling for God to live in.  God knew what the end of Solomon would be.  It is David’s greater son, Christ who builds a spiritual temple made without human hands.  I belong to that temple of living stones and you do to if you know Jesus Christ.

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