I Corinthians 1:10-17

In this passage we find Paul having to deal with contentions within the church at Corinth.  The people were elevating their favorite preachers such as Paul, Peter and Apollos and claiming one was better than the others.  What we need to know is these men were not preaching different doctrines nor was is a racial prejudice.  All of these men were Jewish Christians.  Showing favoritism or preferential treatment to others is a sin we all need to guard against.

We must be careful not to divide on small things.  This makes us small and the world and our own USA cannot afford for God’s people to be bickering over small things that are not doctrinal errors.  Clearly doctrinal errors should be the only reason for separation.  Paul deals with this by saying:  “Was Paul crucified for you?  Were you baptised in the name of Paul?”   In those days there were not Bible Schools and educational degrees like we have today, which now makes the problem even worse.  In today’s world it is not uncommon for Christians to leave a church when their favorite pastor leaves and follow him to his new area of ministry.  I will not call this evil, but I believe I can call it sin.  There were even those in Paul’s day who claimed they were following Christ alone.  These may not have doctrinal errors, but it could very well be a pride issue.  I cringe at these, but then realize I am no better.  I like to call myself undenominational
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