I Corinthians 16:1-10

In chapter 16 we find Paul collecting money to be taken to the poor Christians at Jerusalem.  This is an example of how Christianity does change people.  Why would Gentiles despised by the Jews want to do that?  It is love coming from God that changes hearts even when people formerly despise each other.

Paul speaks of an open door at the city of Ephesus.  This is a symbolic statement saying that he is open to preach to all who are there but there are many who work against the gospel.  Wherever the gospel goes forth in power someone will be against it.  Satan resists it and he has not changed.

Next Paul talks about Timothy and Apollos.  Timothy is a young man. Paul says for them not to despise him as he is young.  Apollos does not desire to go to Corinth for unknown reasons.  We could say that Paul as an apostle did not order Apollos to go but was said to be waiting for a convenient time.

I find this to be valuable in our dealings with other Christians.  We may be the bossy kind thinking others should obey us.  We may have authority and don’t know how to use it rightly.  God can help us with this too.  If God gives us a special gift He will help us in it.

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