I Corinthians 16:1-12

What Paul wrote here was not as a ritual about the collection on Sunday but the gathering of money for the poor Christians in Jerusalem.  He is instructing them how to handle this occasion.  The Corinthians were to approve men to take the money to Jerusalem.  Paul would go with them if necessary.
The rest of our verses are what Paul was doing. However he speaks of a great door open at Ephesus.  What does a man like Paul do with an open door.  He goes in and preaches.  Have I ever had open doors?  Plenty of them. Every day I go out of my house hoping for open doors.  What do we do with open doors?  We walk through them.  My whole experience for my 2 ½ years in England was an open door.  I had no idea I was to preach.  Then here in Danville was another open door.  They keep opening and I walk through them.  I like the doors to people’s hearts to open up.  I have seen plenty of that too.

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