I Corinthians 7:25-40

In these passages Paul is discussing what is called virginity.  He finishes this verse as one who is called by God to maintain a lifetime of complete purity.  when Paul speaks of present distress he is saying what the Roman empire and especially Corinth was like with sexual freedoms they had.  Somehow I am reminded of our day as history repeating itself.  Present distress could mean persecution that would happen to Christians in which would be difficult to maintain family life.  Paul is not saying that it is sinful to marry, nor even that it is the trend of the day.  What he is saying is that when marriage comes there is not total freedom to serve the Lord as in the single life. Marriage divides our life. The husband has to look after the needs of the wife and the wife the same and there is not the same time left to serve the Lord.
Now getting back to virgins both man and woman. If a man finds no need of a companion he is totally free to serve the Lord without distraction let him remain unmarried.  However, if he must he is free to marry rather than lust getting the best of him.  The same with women.  There are a lot of single ladies on the mission field.  Paul says, “I don’t make either a command.”
If you are single with no urgent need fine.  If you feel marriage a need also fine, but the main thing are you serving the Lord?
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