I Kings 2:1-12

I find the way David instructed his son Solomon very interesting.  First of all he gave him the charge to walk in the ways of the LORD, to keep all the statues and judgments.  If he followed that with his children, there would always be a king on the throne of David.  However, Solomon failed miserably and his son Rehoboam lost half of the kingdom after Solomon’s death.  

Next David gives a quest of how to deal with some of the people in the kingdom.  I will try to write about them one by one.  First there was Joab, a very ambitious man who won the right to be captain of David’s army by capturing an enemy stronghold later named Jerusalem.  The chief fault of Joab was that he killed two men in cold blood who might endanger his position as captain.  Solomon was asked to do the right thing. 

Then there was Shimier who cursed David when he was fleeing from the revolt of his son Absalom.  David then promised that he would not take his life.  Now he gives this charge to Solomon to do what he thinks best. 

I saved this one for last.  There was the good man named Barzilla, the Gileadite who came to bring provisions to David and his men when they were fleeing from Absalom.  David never forgot this kindness, and Solomon was to reward him by letting his sons eat at his table.  David never forgot kindnesses and we should not forget things like that either.

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