I Kings 21:17-29

This is the end of the story about a man named Naboth and the wicked king Ahab who wanted the vineyard that Naboth owned.  Ahab wanted that piece of land so the evil queen Jezebel had Naboth killed to get the vineyard.  The story is about covetousness.  Remember Jesus said beware of covetousness for your life does not consist of the things possessed.  
When Elijah meets Ahab he accuses him of selling himself to work wickedness. With that I want to ask, ” Do you possess your possessions, or do they  you? Are you willing to cheat or even use certain tactics to get what you want?”  We can link all kinds of human nature to this kind of thing.  When Elijah told Ahab his fate  he humbled himself . God decided not to bring the punishment in his day.  It would come later.  God says to not be deceived, God is not mocked.  What ever a man sows that shall he reap.  where is your life today?
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