I Kings 6:1-14, 38

These verses record the building of the temple.  David supplied much of the material though he was told by God he couldn’t build it.  Solomon in his wisdom was now to build it.
Going beyond the dimensions I find something very interesting in verse 7. The stones were all made ready in the quarry and brought to the temple site and all they had to do was put them in place in the wall.  My imagination does not go far enough to exactly realize how this was done.  There had to be some kind of blueprint somewhere.  A type of figure is that of God’s church of our day which is made of living stones with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone.  It is God the Holy Spirit who writes these living stones into our modern day Temple of God.  I am not smart enough to imagine all of this either.  My point is God made me a living stone in the church.  However, by leading  people to be saved we have a part in the building of God’s true temple today.
Next, we are left with the promise that if the children of Israel walked in God’s way that He would dwell in that temple.
I hate to say it, but like Paul Harvey I know the rest of the story about the destruction of that temple and the departing of the glory of God.  This could happen to the church too if we don’t continue to walk with Christ.  However, we will not be lost but go to Heaven with only wood, hay or straw.  (I Corinthians 3:12-33)
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