I Peter 1:9-16

In our opening verse of this passage we find the word “end” and need to consider just what that means?  I use the words “final outcome” referring to our salvation or the result is Heaven when this life is past.  Now the Prophets of the Old Testament would have liked to have known what we know now. We have the Lord Jesus Christ who has made His presence known in this world, ending with his death and resurrection, shedding His blood for our sins. Next we see that the Spirit of Christ was working through the Prophets to eventually reveal to us the sufferings of Christ and the glory that would follow.  Were their prophesies for them only?  No, it was for us this salvation is given.  We read about the curiosity of the angels.  If this makes the angels desirous to look into, we as Christians ought to be all the more grateful for His indescribable gift he has given us and live our lives to please him rather than self.  Otherwise shame on us for treating this gift so lightly. 

Next we find the phrase: gird up the loins of your mind.  This means I cannot have loose thoughts of lust and sin when such a great salvation is mine.  We are to be obedient children of God, not going according to our former lusts when we were ignorant of God’s ways.  We are to be holy as God is holy.  We are His children.  It is written:  Be holy because I am holy.  We have been given His Spirit and everything we need to live a holy life without an excuse. 

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