I Peter 3:13-22

In the society we live we are more safe in our environment if we are followers of good.  I am not sure about the statement about happiness when we suffer for doing good, but it is the word of God and I must accept it that way.  So far I have not experienced that so I can’t say.  The term sanctify the Lord God in your hearts means that Christ should be everything to me and when the time comes that someone would ask me why I live like I live, I can tell them that they need the Lord Jesus Christ, and they can have the same kind of heart happiness I have.  Then I can lead them to trust Christ for eternal happiness.  A conscience is what Adam and Eve got when they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   However, there are people with a good conscience and evil consciences.  When we trust Christ and live for Him we have a sanctified conscience and believe me it does make a difference.  Christ the totally “Just One”  suffered for me the not just one. He brought me to God through the blood of His cross.  Now I am free.  Baptism never washed my sins away, but it is a figure of what Christ has done in His death and resurrection.  Noah’s life is a type of the perfect safety we have in Christ.  Now Christ is gone into Heaven and everything in this world is subject to Him.  
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