I Peter 5:1-7

Peter begins this chapter speaking to elders of which he claims to be one himself.  I want to say one thing on the outset, that the so called doctrine today of one elder or pastor over a church is not the true doctrine of the Bible.  I believe multiple elders are the healthy way of the local church, with many of them having the gift of preaching.  However, I don’t personally press my views on the church I now attend with the position of visitation pastor.
 Now what are the elders to do?  We are to feed the flock of God.  I am to be a feeder of God’s sheep.  That is why I make my point of plural elders.  Should one person be a feeder of hundreds of sheep, or even thousands as some of the TV preachers?  This may have a tendency of starving the sheep.  If I occupy a position of elder, I am not to lord it over anyone.  I can’t even disciple as one man.  However, I am to be an example to the flock.  There is a crown of glory coming to honest elders (sheep feeders) when Christ the Chief shepherd appears.  Now we have the idea of submission (subjection) in the next verse.  First the younger ones are subject to elders, but all are to be subject to each other.  There is an interesting phrase which says, clothed with humility.  That is the garment I am to wear.  God will exalt us later.  The next verse says that we are to cast all our care on Him for He cares for us.
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