I Peter 5:1-7

In verse one Peter is speaking to what we call elders.  These are seasoned believers who have the task of ruling over the Lord’s people. Peter calls himself an elder and so he was.  I would hope I am too, but I will let the people of God, and Heaven determine that.
Elders are to be sheep feeders and overseers over the flock of God, not for personal gain of any kind. We are to have a ready mind to do God’s will.  Peter was told three times because of his love for the Lord to, “Feed my sheep.” Feed my Lambs.” “Shepherd my sheep.”  I want to be that kind of elder. Elders were not to be lords over God’s heritage.  They were to lead not drive the sheep but were to be examples over the flock.  We will get a crown of glory when the Chief Shepherd Christ appears. Now the younger ones are to submit to the elders, but we are all to submit to each other and be clothed with humility.
God is never for the so-called proud.  God resists the proud but gives more grace to the humble.  We all need more grace.  I will never say that I have enough of that.  Now we can be free to cast all our cares upon Christ for He cares for you.  I give up all my cares to Him.  Can you do the same?
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