I Timothy 5:1-8

These are Paul’s instructions to Timothy who is a young pastor. Paul considered him as a ‘son’ in the Lord and instructs him to honor his elders and treat them with respect. He gives him valuable advice in how to deal with relationships in the church setting. In today’s world I have seen younger men who’ve felt they know it all, act in a very distasteful manner towards their elders.  This should not be so and this passage confirms that. We are to honor and respect our elders for they have much more experience and wisdom in so many areas of life that we should take careful consideration of.  You can learn a lot from your elders when you have a teachable spirit and are willing to listen to them.   

Paul’s instructions about widows may tend to seem rather outdated in our current society what with Social Security and other government helps.  Some men leave their widows large life insurance policies so that their needs will be met going forward after they are gone.  Nevertheless, there is a biblical principle here that applies to all generations.  Paul gives explicit instructions on what kind of widows truly qualify for the Church’s help.  According to Scripture, when a man has the means and has a mother who is widowed, he is supposed to take care of her so the Church is not burdened.   My own sister took care of our mother until she passed away.  It was more than just for financial reasons, but especially for her need for constant physical care.  We honor and show respect for our parents when we are willing to sacrifice to meet their needs, when they no longer can’t.  

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