II Chronicles 9:1-14

In these verses we are reading about a Queen who has come to meet Solomon and see how wise he truly is by proving him with her hard questions.  By this time however, Solomon was up to the task as God had given him much wisdom and knowledge.  I think I have already mentioned that David’s reign was filled with war after war, but Solomon’s reign would be one of peace.  God had spoken through the prophet when David wanted to build Him a temple. God said that because he was a man of war he was not to build it.  Instead, He promised that his son Solomon would be the man to do it because his rule would be one of total peace throughout all the land of Israel. 

Now this African Queen comes to Solomon just to see what He is all about and who is responsible for all these riches and knowledge and honor.  I would like to say that God is the same One who could promote such wisdom in Solomon’s day and He is still the same God of the New Testament days in which we are still living.  I am teaching a couple Bible studies from the Old Testament, one is in the book of Judges and some of it is quite gruesome.  But then again, in light of recent news headlines, we in our day can see how gruesome mankind can be because of sin.  At the end of her visit, Queen Sheba said, “The half has not been told.”  When I come to the New Testament, I can almost say the same thing, “The half has not been told,” especially when one comes to the last book in the Bible, Revelation. 

The same God who promoted Solomon and peace in his day is the One I worship and serve.  Will you serve Him too through the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Savior?  The peaceful reign of Solomon is a typical picture of the coming reign of peace of Christ in Revelation 19 & 20, which many of us Christians call the Millennial reign of Christ.

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