II Kings 17:6-23

I find it difficult to comment on today’s passage.  They all speak about one apostasy after another.  God took the man Abraham out of an idolatrous city and made a nation from his descendants and called them His own special people.  They were His beloved people and now this!  It wasn’t just the northern ten tribes but Judah as well.  What should God do next?

I want to talk about a word that could be taken either in a positive or negative way.  That is the word: Jealous.  The right way to look at jealousy is from a loving perspective.  God loves His people so much that he wants to protect them from harm.  He brought them up out of Egypt and freed them from the bonds of slavery but now it seems that they would much rather serve other gods than Him.  God even calls His people his wife in other O.T. scripture passages.  This analogy shows us that God wants a relationship with His people.  Why shouldn’t he be jealous?  

In the New Testament Christ now calls His people the Church, His Bride.  Take a good look at what is happening to His beloved people in this nation and around the world.  should Christ be jealous when he sees those he died for wandering away to idolatrous living and serving all kinds of things but Him? To those who fall into this category, I would say, “Come back to Him who bought you with His own blood.” 

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