II Kings 20:12-21

There are some good lessons we can get from the life of Hezekiah king of Judah.  We also get a good lesson from these verses we are considering today.
The first of the facts are that the Assyrians have fought and carried away much of the nation and Jerusalem was surrounded by the Assyrian army.  By God’s grace Jerusalem was spared.  It was a miracle Jerusalem was spared.
Then Hezekiah was sick and was told he would die.  He prayed earnestly and God gave him fifteen more years.  The sign from God was for the sundial to go backward fifteen degrees.  This was a great miracle that meant the earth would go backward fifteen degrees.
Now our story is that men from Babylon came with a present and Hezekiah showed them all his treasures, all that would speak of his wealth and pride.  We must remember he was as good as a dead man not once but twice.  What is a treasure house to a dead man?  Isaiah told Hezekiah that there would be a day that all his treasures and offspring would be carried away to Babylon which eventually did happen.  Also, reading on this son Manasseh was to be the worst king in Israel’s history.  This young man was born during the fifteen years given to Hezekiah by God. 
The Moral of this is if God gives us extra time don’t waste it.  We must also watch out for destructive pride.  We deserve nothing from God. 
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