II Kings 6:1-7

The sons of the prophets complain that the place where they currently are is too strait (small).  The question I have is what are we doing with the space we have?  I don’t necessarily think this is a success story.  They go to this place near Jordon thinking that they will be better off than where they were.  Thankfully they ask Elisha if he would go with them and he consents to go.

In the next instance, they are all busy cutting wood to build something, or perhaps to clear the land.  Now one young man’s axe head falls into the water.  He panics and cries out “Alas, it was borrowed.”  There are two things.  Can’t we have an axe of our own?  If we must borrow, we need to inspect the tool before we use it to see if it is safe.  This may be a danger if we must borrow in spiritual work.  We could do much damage with an axe with a loose head.  Thankfully Elisha was there as a spiritually seasoned man who knew what to do.  How often do we do foolish things from which we need to be rescued? 

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