II Kings 7:12-20

First, Elisha predicted by the word of God, “A measure of wheat will be sold for a shekel and a measure of barley for a shekel.” How is that to be possible in a starving city.  One of the servants of the king did not believe that.  Elisha said, “It will happen but you will not benefit from it.”
Now something happened to the Syrian army to scare them that they ran from the camp.  Four lepers found the camp empty and good stuff was left all over the camp.  One said, “The people are starving in the city.  We have to tell them.”  It was true but the man who didn’t believe was trampled to death by the human stampede for food.
There are two morals of this story. The lepers who were starving themselves could not keep it to themselves.  We must share the good news to the starving people in the city and that they did.
The second is the unbelief and the disaster of the man who could not accept the prediction of Elisha the man of God.  Unbelief can be disastrous when done against a reliable source.  Paul said, in Acts 27:25, “I believe God that it shall be even as it was told me.”
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