II Thessalonians 3:1-5

What does it mean that the Word of God may have free course?  When I think of a course, I picture the course of this world in Ephesians chapter two.  The word of God is a course also.  There is no place the Word of God cannot go, however it has to have a carrier/courier.  It has to be glorified when we proclaim it.  As Christians we are living testimonies of the Word’s power to change a life and thus we are to be carriers of the Word to every lost person we come in contact with.

Paul wants to be delivered from unreasonable and evil men for all do not have faith.  when we read this in our peaceful setting, it is hard to imagine what Paul and those believers were going through, but now in our modern country we are beginning to see hints of it growing stronger as prayer is slowly being taken out of our public institutions and meeting places.  Now the verse that the Lord is faithful who will establish and keep you from evil should be a comfort to us.  Evil no longer resides in us once His Spirit has come into our lives but we must learn to daily yield to His will and not our own.  Paul has confidence in the Thessalonian people that they would follow what was commanded by Paul since he was only following Christ alone.  Remember the New Testament was not yet in written form and all they had was a letter here and there.  They did however have the guidance of the Holy Spirit living within them as their Divine teacher and motivator.    In the last verse Paul speaks of the Lord directing their hearts into the love of God and the patient waiting for Christ.  This should be my aim as well, along with helping to bring others along the way too.
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