II Timothy 2:15-19

First of all, Timothy is one of God’s workmen and if he is to be a successful worker he needs to know what the whole truth is about.  You cannot do that by learning your Bible closed or just listening to a preacher once a week. Then there is the term “rightly dividing the word of truth”.  Let us suppose you come into a church and the Pastor says something that does not sound right.  Have you studied enough to prove it?  Have you put everything the Bible says in the proper place? 


In the next two verses we are told to beware and avoid people who teach wrong doctrine.  Paul names two men who taught wrong things about the resurrection.  There are many doctrines.  They are like cancer to the body of Christ, which is the church.  The seal and foundation is that the Lord knows them that are His.  We can’t always tell, but He knows.  The rest of the chapter will say more.


The last phrase is that everyone who names the name of Christ should depart from iniquity.  A so called Christian who can’t keep from a sinful life has lost his or her testimony and is useless as a servant of Christ.  I don’t want to be that kind of person.  Keep a good testimony as a Christian.

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