II Timothy 3:8-12

There is a great comparison in these few verses.  There are two men in Egypt who seemed to do miracles every time God did something through Moses, but there was a time when they couldn’t duplicate God’s miracles.  Here in these verses Paul says that evil men can go so far and no farther.
Now Paul makes a comparison of his own life and says, “Thou has fully known my life. The first is doctrine.  This is the truth of God that Paul taught.  Next is the kind of life he lived.  Then there was his purpose or what he was driven by.  His faith was next which was true faith.  He being onto everything God promised as if his life depended on it and it did.  Long suffering, charity and patience.  All of the above is a definition of Paul’s life and it ought to be defining of our life also.
The conclusion is to live godly in Christ whether or not that we suffer persecution.  Believe me things are getting hotter for those who live godly in this United States of America.  Are you up to the task?  Am I?
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