Ingredients For Unity! – Ephesians 4:1-10

As we begin chapter 4 we have an emphasis on the practical application of the doctrine given in chapters 1-3.  The challenge is to “walk worthy” of the calling as a “saint” (one set apart unto God).  Three qualities should  mark the life of a saint. 

1.  Lowliness – humility that sees others as more important and puts their needs before self.
2.  Meekness – a surrender of rights to God and a conquering of anger toward God and men.
3.  Forbearing – patience with the weakness and growth process in others.

These character qualities are based on our oneness in Christ and the example that He set for us.  We now become the “body” (physical presence) of Christ in this world and carry out His ministry in the power of His Spirit using the gifts He has given us. Are you developing the attitudes, abilities and activity that is worthy of your calling as a follower of Christ?  Which would those around you say is the strongest in your life and which needs the most improvement?  These qualities are the ingredients for unity in a marriage, home, friendship, workplace and especially the church.

Walk with the Lord and build the ingredients for unity!!! 

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