Isaiah 40:21-31

Ignorance about God is no excuse.  We can read all about Him in a matter of days.  In my 59 years as a Christian, I was determined to know about Him and His ways.  He is described as sitting on the circle of the earth and the people are like grasshoppers.  The heavens are like a curtain and just merely a tent.  That is my God.  Do you know Him?

God brings princes and great men to nothing and judges to vanity.  Every so often I see a judge make a decision I don’t agree with.  It may sometimes go against the ways and will of God.  In this, God seems to be very patient.  Payday sometimes comes later. The question God asks is: To whom will you liken me, or who is my equal?  He is the Holy One but much more than that.  I like the descriptive term of “lifting up my eyes.”  We are too earth bound, too horizontal.

This part was written for Israel.  Was it just then or is it for all times?  Their way is not hidden from the Lord.  He sees all and knows all. Nothing can befall me that is hid from Him.  He does not fall asleep or faint.  Vance Havner, a great preacher of yesteryear, had trouble sleeping after his wife died and one night he read something like this and he told God:  If you are awake, why do I have to be?  He slept well the rest of his days.  When we wait on the Lord our strength is renewed.  We can glide and rest like eagles and run and not be weary and walk and not faint. 

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