Isaiah 55:1-13

I spent part of my life as an unsaved person and had been used to tavern life.  I hauled milk from farmers and when I got my truck unloaded, I would go into the tavern and every so often the bartender would call out:  Is anyone thirsty?  Isaiah is calling this out here.  Jesus is calling this out in the feast of the Tabernacles in Jerusalem recorded in John 7:37.  If anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink.  As in the tavern life and in the feast, no one would be physically thirst, but like the woman at the well in John 4, there was a spiritual thirst that could only be satisfied by Jesus.  Even as Christians we may want to satisfy ourselves with the fountains of this world and it doesn’t work.  God’s satisfaction doesn’t cost anything.  People spend their money on things that don’t satisfy. 

I don’t have room for many other details but I want to make you aware of the difference between our ways and God’s ways.  Seek God’s ways and He will change our ways, and it has to be right now when He can be found.  His ways to me are like the rain coming down and watering the earth.  Is anything growing in your life because of the rain of God’s word?  His word will never return void.  Instead of thorns and thistles we will produce luscious fruit.
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