James 5:7-12

Patience is the virtue mentioned here.  James reminds us of a farmer who plants seed and waits patiently for the harvest.  You can’t hurry that up.  He is at the mercyof the weather good or bad.  When we sow the good seed of the gospel, only Heaven will tell whether we have a good crop or none at all. We are to establish our hearts waiting patiently waiting even for the coming of the Lord.  This coming is probably the one referred to in Revelation 19:11, however the rapture spoken of in I Thess 4:13 will come first.  It has been almost 2000 years now since James wrote this.  I am ready for Him…are you?

James gives the Prophets as an example.  Consider all of them from Isaiah to Malachi.  They waited but never would see what we now know to be true in the New Testament.  Who Jesus was, was a mystery to them.  Now we have what modern day Paul Harvey would call, “the rest of the story” in the book of Revelation.  Next Job is called the example of patience.  What is God doing and what will He do?  Then God speaks.  He doesn’t give him answers to his questions but rather gives Job plenty to think about.  Job then replies, “I see myself and repent in dust and ashes.”  This is the desired end of the Lord.  The last verse dealing with swearing.  Truth is truth.  God know what is right and wrong in what I personally say.  I have seen some interesting public oaths during my eighty years.  Are we careful to speak and deal honestly with ourselves and others?

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