Jeremiah 10:1-13

 There are at least three things I want to mention.  The first, Jeremiah says to fear what the LORD speaks which is very important to us.  The second is not to learn the way of the heathen. The third is the vain customs of the people.  I find this even more prevalent in this election year than in all the elections in the past.
Verse 4-5 is the making of an idol.  It is very well made and beautiful.  There is no speaking but to move them they have to be carried.  That is in contrast with the way our God carries us.  Verse 6 says God’s name is great and He is great in might meaning all powerful.  The next verse calls Him, King of Nations.  When the Israelites wanted a king in I Samuel 8:7 Samuel was sad but God said they didn’t reject Samuel but God to rule over them.  Then we have a phrase “doctrine of vanities”. That speaks of empty minds.
God is the true God, the living God compared to their idols.  I don’t call them dead as they were never living in the first place.  Verse 11 says God is the maker of the Heavens. Now we know more about the universe than ever before and we are still learning.
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