Jeremiah 26:1-16

In these verses Jeremiah was to stand in the Temple and speak to worshippers coming in from all the cities of Judah.  At this time according to the prophet Ezekiel there were different kinds of idols in the Temple.  This would not be an easy task, but it was God who commissioned him to do it.
God used the word repent for Himself. For men it means to stop sinning, but for God it means a change of mind about the destruction of His people.  Did they listen?  The answer is no.
Now Jeremiah had to face the people.  They ask him, “Why did you say this city would be like Shiloh?”  This was the place where the priesthood was corrupt; the ark was taken in battle and the priests and the spiritual element was destroyed.  Now the same thing was to happen in Jerusalem.  Their urge was to kill Jeremiah, but they were persuaded not to.
I find it interesting that when there is a voice telling people they are wrong the tendency is to want to stop that voice from reproof.  I not only want to be kept from wrong but to be a voice from God the Holy Spirit to reprove the wrong, too.  Perhaps I can help someone to turn from sin.  
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