Jeremiah 32:1-15

Most of my comment will be based on verses 6 through 15 which I find very fascinating.  However I would like to start with verse 2 where we find Jeremiah shut up in a prison.  He also said Zedekiah, the temporary king of Judah, would see Nebuchadnezzar face to face.  In chapter 39:5-6 Zedekiah did see him and after that his eyes were put out and he was carried to Babylon where he died.
My greatest interest is from verses 6 to 15. God said to Jeremiah, “Your cousin Hanameel will come asking to buy his field as a right of inheritance.”  What is so interesting is that God knew and told Jeremiah that this would happen.  Could God see in the man’s mind or did God put it in his mind?  Jeremiahs statement when he came to sell the field was, “I then knew that this was the word of the LORD.”  The Babylonian army occupied the field which would be of no use to Jeremiah.
The typical statement was that someday the land of Israel would be restored.   It is true there is a land called Israel occupied by them today, but a greater day is coming when David’s greater Son, Jesus, would rule the land.  My lesson is that God rules.  
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