Jeremiah 39:1-2—11-18

The part that we are considering now in these verses I find very remarkable. Now what is the reason?  Jeremiah Is still shut up in prison and treated very badly by his countrymen.  Nebuchadnezzar almost a godless man now gives his captain orders to be nice to Jeremiah and to let him make his own decision as to where to live.  Nebuchadnezzar also took all the poor people of the land and gave them vineyards and fields and gave them a leader named Sedalia.  With these Jeremiah chose to live.  Can God move a man like Nebuchadnezzar? It shows who is really in charge.
There was another man who God wanted to bless.  That was Ebedmelech the Ethiopian.  It was him who pulled Jeremiah out of the pit, when he was sinking in mud.  Here I see that God honored him for being kind to His Prophet.
Do I see something for myself in this?  My motive is right if I do good to God’s people.  However it is not that good should come to me.

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