Job 19:19-29 – You Can Put it in Writing!

Job did not know all the reasons why his life had taken the turn that it had.  He did not know why God had allowed him to suffer as he had.  He did not understand why his friends had to treat with so poorly, or why his wife would try to compel him to curse the Lord and die.  But, he did know one thing.  He was so sure of it that he declared that he desired for it to be put in writing, to go on record as an official statement.  He knew that his Redeemer was alive and well and would stand on the earth in the last day.  Not only that, but Job also knew that he would be there to see it.  Job had to believe in the resurrection and in eternal life.  And he attributed that work to God!  Even in the midst of all of his suffering, Job had an eternal perspective and hope.
He got his wish…it is recorded in God’s Word!  Be encouraged.  You Redeemer lives!

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