Job 9:1-20 – Crying Out in Suffering

Job is rightfully acknowledging in this chapter the holiness and power of God.  However, he is beginning to resent how God is using that power and wondering why God will not take away the suffering.  Can you point your finger at him?  We might be able to have some answers just as Job’s friends did.  We may even be able to do a better job than they did.  But when you are the one in the midst of suffering, what do you say to God?  Job began to question whether God was listening to his pleas and he began accusing God of injuring him without cause.  It is very hard to be stable (not double-minded) when you are enduring times of suffering!
Psalm 13 is a great help during times of suffering.  I would encourage you to read it.  Then ask yourself where you are in your suffering.  Are you in verses 1 and 2, 3 and 4, or in 5 and 6?  This psalm shows a great progression through the suffering and hopefully will encourage you in knowing that it is OK to ask God what He is doing!  Just remember that there is a reason… Romans 8:28-29.  I HOPE that this will bring you great HOPE!
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