Joel 1:11-20

Today’s verses speak of a real catastrophe in Israel involving a series of insect and locust hordes striping the fields and vineyards of everything that can be eaten.  It seems as if the Prophet Joel is explaining this as a judgment of God.  When it comes to God and His people Israel, there is nothing that can just be explained as a natural happening.  I do believe all of this is a judgment of God.  We must say that what is happening not only affects the people but also the Prophet himself.  When we write about something like this, shall we escape the consequences ourselves?  When Elijah prayed about the lack of rain, he was sustained by God using an unclean bird to bring him food.  Then when the brook dried up, there was a widow whom God used to feed him and they went the rest of the way through the famine which lasted for 3 1/2 years.

The prophet Joel says, to thee will I cry.  With this kind of disaster who else can we turn to?  I want to close this by saying that there are disasters the world over.  I am sure they affect many of God’s people.  There are famines, forest fires, refugees because of the wars of evil men.  In these difficulties there is only one to whom we can turn to and that is God himself. 

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