John 10:31-42 – What Will You Do with the Evidence?

Let’s break up today’s passage into 5 points.

1.  The Jews seek to stone Jesus because of his claim to divinity.  (Some people like to argue that Jesus never claimed to be God…this passage, among others, clearly shows us that the Jews knew exactly what Jesus had claimed).
2.  Jesus poses the question to the Jews from Psalm 82 where the leaders are called “gods.”  The Hebrew word elohim is almost always used in the Hebrew Scriptures to refer to God.  However there are some possible instances where this word is used to define political leaders.  One potential use is Genesis 6 where the “Sons of the elohim married the daughters of men,” and the other is Psalm 82.  I believe Psalm 82 is referring to leaders among people who are not doing their job correctly.  Here is the bigger question…Why did Jesus bring this up anyway?  I will try to answer this later on.
3.  Jesus appeals to his works/miracles as authentication that he was the Son of God.
4.  The unbelieving Jews again reject Jesus and seek to arrest him.
5.  Followers of John the Baptist see the works of Jesus, confirm them with the testimony of John the Baptist and put their faith in Christ.

There are two instances of contrast in this passage.
First, Jesus uses Psalm 82 to contrast his works with the Jewish leaders.  Psalm 82 rebukes the leaders for not doing the works which should characterize them, which they were commanded to do.  This is what the Jewish leaders had become.  They were claiming to represent God and to be leading his people.  But they they did not understand and were walking around in darkness (Psalm 82:5).  Jesus is different.  He is doing the works he was sent to do.
The second contrast is between the unbelieving Jews and the disciples of John the Baptist.  The unbelievers saw the works of Christ and suppressed the truth, refusing to believe.  The disciples of John the Baptist, however, affirmed that the works of Jesus were authentic and followed him.

Jesus really is who he said he is.  He is the Son of God and our Savior!

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