John 11:1-13

We are introduced to the two sisters of this story in Luke 10:38-42.  Their brother Lazarus was not mentioned here.  These two and perhaps the whole family were very dear to Jesus.  So when their brother was very sick who best could help them but Jesus.  I will say as my own testimony who best can help but Jesus?
Now according to Jesus, this sickness was for the glory of God.  It makes me wonder whether all that true believers go through is for the glory of God.  When I get sick can I ask what is God doing in me to glorify His name. 
Jesus love for Mary, Martha and Lazarus is told to us plainly in verse 5, but yet he stays there two more days. What kind of love is that? If I were Paul Harvey I would want to do, “the rest of the story”  at the end of the chapter. However, I am not going to blog the rest of the chapter.  It is clear that Jesus disciples were having difficulty with His actions . Do I sometimes have difficulty with God’s actions in my life?
Next Jesus speaks of a twelve hour day.  My belief is that He was referring to His stay in this world, and all was planned out from the cradle to the Cross and even beyond all in the light of His (so called) twelve hour clay.  I believe as a true believer in Jesus Christ my life is planned out like the period of a twelve hour day.  I could refer to Psalm 23 in this same light.  What should I do then? I must get busy and live my twelve hour day in the light of God and His Word.
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