John 11:38-44

The story of John chapter 11 causes me great interest.  Here we see Jesus bring Lazarus back from the death.  In verse 39 Jesus commands them to take away the stone.  Now Martha is concerned because if you open a grave with no embalming a foul odor would come out from it.  Notice Martha doesn’t completely understand what Jesus would do.  We can’t blame Martha as she hasn’t seen anything like that before.  I like Jesus’ gentle rebuke: “If thou would believe thou should  see the glory of God.”  We don’t see the things we should because of unbelief.
Before the raising of Lazarus, Jesus utters a small prayer to the Father.  He simply affirmed that the Father heard Him.  However, He said it mainly for the people who stood by.  It was to affirm that He was the One sent by the Father.  It is something every true Christian must believe.
Next we have that shout, “Lazarus, come forth!”  Could he do anything but obey?  In John 5:28-29 we’re told,  “All that are in the graves shall hear His voice, some to eternal glory, and some to eternal damnation.”  Where will you be?  You better find out before it is too late!
Next we have Lazarus bound in grave clothes.  Notice Jesus did not remove these wrappings.  He gave that responsibility to the people who stood by.  A typical picture for one who turns from death unto life by preaching the Gospel.  Some of those may be wrapped up in grave wrappings.  Our responsibility toward that person is very important.

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