John 13:1-11

I look at Jesus life here in typical fashion like a twelve hour day.  Everything in His thirty three years was pre-planned.  We see this in the making of the water, wine, meeting the woman at the well, and the raising of Lazarus where He said in John 11:9, “Are there not twelve hours in the day?”  He could safely raise Lazarus without being stoned.  Then the final hour is in John 12:23 which is nearing the crucifixion. Now Jesus knew that His hour had come.  His workday is finished at the cross.
Jesus loved His own. He loved them to the end or I would retranslate that to say that He loved them to the uttermost.  There is no comparative way of describing that love.  Any way I could try to describe it would be too small.
Next, we have that wonderful example of the servant quality of Jesus to wash the disciples feet.  It has been said it was because none of the disciples offered to do it.  I don’t buy that one.  This was to show Jesus true servant character.  My best thought is that the lesson to me is that I am to serve the people of God as He served.  This should be a selfless service. Peter in his arrogance decided he was above needing to have his feet washed by Jesus.  Jesus refers to the initial washing of salvation which to us is in the blood of Christ.  Even as a saved man, I need to be cleansed from the sinnful filfth of this world.  The people who went to the public bath had to have their feet washed when they got home from the dirty sands on their feet.  Did you notice that Judas was never washed?
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