John 14:25-31

Jesus begins the verses we are going to see that Jesus is probably confusing the disciples more than ever.  How could they see what we even know  from the completed New Testament.  Now He speaks about the Holy Spirit called the comforter in the King James Version.  Jesus said He will teach you and bring to remembrance the things that Jesus said to them already.  Did you know the confidence of Peter on the day of Pentectost when the Holy Spirit finally did arrive.  He was superb in his message on that day. 
Next Jesus offers them peace not life the world gives.  Then Jesus repeats the very words that defines this chapter.  Let not your hearts be troubled.  There does not need to be in the Christian a troubled heart.
Jesus talks about going away to the Father.  I am sure the men did not understand this, nor do many Christians today who have not read the New Testament.  I am appalled at the ignorance that prevails today.
Jesus mentions Satan as the prince of this world.  In 2 Corinthians 4:4 he is the one who blinds the minds of unbelieving people so that they will not receive the truth about salvation.  Jesus said, “He has nothing in Me.”  Jesus passed through this world in perfect sinlessness to go to the cross to pay for our sins.  I live in the good of that cross.   When He said, “Let us go hence.” they were proceeding toward that cross.
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