John 17:14-26

I have questions about this prayer of Jesus just prior to the cross.  Not that the prayer is real.  It is real and beautiful and I love to read it.  I am inspired every time I do read it. 
It’s great theme is that Jesus is praying for His own just prior to the cross.  Let’s just take a look at what He says about His own men.  First is that He has given them the Father’s truth.  Next, the world has hate for them.  I want you to know that this was not only for that era.  The world still hates the truth of God today and we proclaim it. 
The next truth is that the people of God are not of this world.  We don’t belong here.  The sooner we know that the better off we are. 
The next thing is we are sanctified through the truth.  Remember according to John 14:6 Jesus said, ” I am the Truth.” It is by this we are sanctified.  
We are brought in on verse 20 as those who believe the words of those present Apostles. The desire of Jesus for His people to be one is very real.  However, can all what is called Christianity be one.  My answer is as much as I am sanctified by the truth of God and as much as you are sanctified by the truth, that’s how much we can be one.  However with new believers we teach them.  We grow in oneness.  This is how the world knows about Jesus the One sent of the Father.  We are to manifest the love of Jesus one to another. 
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