John 17:14-26

The verses we look at begin with a phrase, “I have given them thy word.”  With our wonderful New Testament we have no excuses to not know what God wants.  We have two more phrases, “the world hath hated them.” and  “They are not of the world as I (Jesus) am not of the world.”  I could say of myself, shame on me if I want everything the world has to offer.  Jesus didn’t want them taken out of the world, but kept in the world to make Him known.  In Philippians 2:15 we are to shine as lights amid the darkness of this world.
The next thing Jesus asks the Father is that we are to be sanctified through the truth. He mentions the word as truth.  We are set apart because of the Word of God. I preach progressive sanctification not total sanctification.  Perhaps the Pharisees of the Bible might have called themselves that but they had hatred toward Christ and wanted to kill Him.
Then in verse 22 is about the oneness of all who believe in and receive Jesus.  I remember what Jesus said when they saw Him casting out demons.  They accused him of doing this by the Prince of devils. He said a house divided cannot stand.  I am afraid modern Christianity is the picture of a divided house.  Some of our so called orders have a part in dividing the house.  I have seen much of this.  No I don’t embrace bad doctrine so I go as far as I can go with each believer.  It is not  a matter of peer pressure, but with the proper knowledge we can be the peers.
This chapter ends with Christ’s love in us and the last phrase is that Christ may be in every believer.  I do want the world to know that Christ is in me and I am in Him.
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